Make Your Money Count and Use Less Plastic

Last year, I took a business development course and the guru wanted us to find our customer’s pain points.  I talked about our Maine Seaweed shampoo bars and how I believed they would appeal to anyone who loved the ocean and is concerned about the plague of plastic.  Our shampoo bars are a plastic free alternative to hair products packed in plastic bottles.  I got a gigantic “pshaw”.

Shampoo bars for great hair with no plastic.

About a week later I was in the grocery debating which peppers to buy.  I wasn’t looking at the price as much as the packaging.  I bought my usual only to discover at home that an extra plastic nest had been added.  I thought to myself, “Won’t buy these again” and made a purchasing decision based on plastic packaging.  And remember- this was a year ago, I’ve come a long way and now in general avoid purchasing produce wrapped in plastic.

This quick vignette is to illustrate how your hard earned dollars can make a difference.  You can still eat great food, have lovely hair and enjoy an afternoon latte without creating a mountain of waste.  It does take a bit more organization and thought.  And be prepared to move two steps forward and one step back but stay on the plastic free  journey.  Choose an area to go plastic free every month or so.  Master one and pick a new goal.  Buy a few reusable grocery and produce totes. Try a shampoo bars.  Carry around a coffee cup for your afternoon fix.  Head outside to your favorite nature spot and pick up the trash.

Think about packaging when making purchases.

Even if you never become completely zero-waste you’ll be amazed at how far you can go!



Claire Weinberg

About Claire Weinberg

The deep call to action I felt as I became more aware of the impact plastic has on our environment led me to my blog- Zero Waste Journey- Small Steps for a Healthy Planet. I call my blog a journey because moving towards using less plastic is a cha-cha dance, two steps forward, one back. It ain’t easy but it’s worth it!